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Are you a gallery owner, brand builder or well connected artist rep? Can you drive traffic? We want to talk to you. We offer recruiters a way to earn money from their connections, build out a network of artists and earn money on every sale.

Testimonial from Sorell Tsui, owner LeQuiVive Gallery, Oakland CA

“The SKYOU platform has been nothing short of revolutionary. It has created opportunities for myself and my artists that I only dreamed of. My background is in screen printing so I know first hand the difficulty, time and especially the costs that it takes to produce merchandise. When I began working with SKYOU it changed the way I looked at producing product. No more limitations on size or color, no more concerns of production time or how many I’ll have to sell to break even. SKYOU has given me the freedom to design what I want, when I want. To be creatively free and embrace exactly what I want to make and how I want to make it.

My artists were blown away at seeing their work reproduced in such high quality, and without having to ‘dumb down’ their work to save costs.
To see their faces light up when the product arrives and how excited they are at the possibilities has been priceless. Knowing that I am helping them further their careers and giving them merchandising opportunities they could never afford traditionally has been very rewarding for me personally.
As a Gallery owner and artist myself I am always concerned with the quality of anything I put my name on. For me the quality of SKYOU’s products has been the cornerstone of their appeal. Everything I have seen has been of the utmost quality, from the cuts to the fabrics, the colors to the sewing everything is better than what I can buy wholesale. Theres no T like a SKYOU T.
Simply, SKYOU has infinite possibilities and open’s infinite doors, because of SKYOU I will never stop creating.”


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