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Full Package for Brands

SKYOU is a full package manufacturing partner for your brand. We manufacture for a variety of brands selling direct to consumer, or through wholesale channels.

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How it Works


1. Setup your account.

Use our stock bodies, or request a quote for custom bodies that can be developed and added to the design tool"

Need a custom style? Reach out to us at sales@skyou.com to quote your project. Quotes for new products are usually returned within 48 hours


2. Request a quote

We'll provide an account that has access to our 3D Design Tool. We can add your custom patterns or help you develop new products.


3. Manufacturing begins

Development and production timelines are established, and the project begins.


The world's best design tool in 3D!

The 3D design tool is an exact pixel to inch representation of what will be manufactured.

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True cut and sew manufacturing

Every SKYOU product is printed to a white roll of fabric using dyes, laser cut, and then sewn together.

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Industry leading print technologies

We print on polyester, cotton, rayon, modal, tencel, vegan leather, and virtually any cellulose based fabric you can imagine.

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SKYOU has a single low price for printing ANYWHERE. Front, back, side, inside the neck, along the collar, inside the pocket, is all included.


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We develop all of our products from scratch. We go through extensive fit testing, and quality checks to ensure each product is the best it can be.


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A wealth of manufacturing expertise

We set up factories for Nike, Timberland, Reebok, and Adidas, licensing our order management software and teaching them how to make one off shoes and bags.

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