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3D Design Tool

See exactly what your product will look like, in 3D, before it's made!

SKYOU has developed and patented an industry-leading browser based 3D Design Tool that is both simple and powerful.

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The SKYOU 3D Design Tool provides

3D Representation

Pixel to inch representation of your product in 3D. Rotate, zoom, and look at your products from every angle.

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Match graphics across seams with +/- 1mm accuracy.

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Print on all surfaces of every product for a fixed price, including tagless neck labels for each garment.

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Add background colors/graphics and allow for multiple background color choices per product.

3d design tool 4 image

Effortless Design

Turn any graphic into a repeating pattern.

3d design tool 5 image

Custom Text

Custom text inputs, let your customer add their text to your designs. You control the fonts, colors, and where text can be entered

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